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Welcome to DIGCOM, the Digital Communications Research Group in the department TELIN of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at Ghent University


Recent research projects

(ongoing in 2015 or later)

FWO project, Signal/circuit/full-wave co-design of resilient ultra-wideband wireless systems for the Internet of Things, UGent-TELIN, UGent-INTEC, KULeuven, Jan 2016-Dec 2019

FWO Project, Advanced signal processing algorithms and channel modeling for MIMO‐UWB , UGent-TELIN, UGent-INTEC, Jan 2014 – Dec 2017

ICON project (IMEC), LUNAR: UWB positioning for retail, UGent-TELIN, UGent-INTEC, UGent-MICT, Pozyx Labs, Colruyt, Decathlon, MADE, Jan 2016-Jun 2017

IMEC project, Video-Radar fusion for pedestrian detection, UGent-TELIN, Jan 2018-ongoing

IUAP project (BELSPO) “BElgian network on STochastic modelling, analysis, design and optimization of COMmunication systems (BESTCOM)” UCLouvain, UGent-TELIN, UGent-INTEC, KULeuven, ULB; 1 Oct. 2012 – 30 Sept. 2017

GOA project (UGent) “High bitrate channel modeling and transceiver optimization for advanced chip-to-chip interconnects and DSL applications” UGent-INTEC, UGent-TELIN, 1 Jan 2012 – 31 Oct. 2019

IWT project “Copper Next-Generation Access (CONGA)”, Alcatel-Lucent, UGent-TELIN; 1 Febr. 2014 – 31 Jan. 2016

IWT project “5th Generation Broadband Access (5GBB)” Nokia, UGent-TELIN; 1 Febr. 2016– 31 Jan. 2018

FWO project “Advanced MIMO channel modeling and signal processing for high-bitrate chip-to-chip interconnects prone to manufacturing variability”, UGent-INTEC, UGent-TELIN; 1 Jan. 2017- 31 Dec. 2020

Excellence of Science (EOS) project (FWO-FNRS) “MUlti-SErvice WIreless NETwork (MUSE-WINET)”, UCLouvain, UGent-TELIN, UGent-INTEC, KULeuven, ULB; 1 Jan. 2018 – 31 Dec. 2021

FWO project “Advanced multi-antenna communications in the radiative near-field through hybrid focusing and spatial multiplexing” UGent-INTEC, UGent-TELIN; 1 Jan. 2019- 31 Dec. 2022

European Space Agency funded Satellite Network of excellence (SatNEx) activities:

  • “Physical Layer Security”, UGent-TELIN, Autonomous University of Barcelona - Spain (UAB), Centre Tecnològic Telecomunicacions Catalunya - Spain (CTTC); 2017-2018
  • “Non-Orthogonal Superposition Techniques for Multibeam Satellite Networks”, UGent-TELIN, University of Vigo-Spain (UVigo), Centre Tecnològic Telecomunicacions Catalunya - Spain (CTTC); 2018-2019
  • “Non-Orthogonal Multiple-Access Techniques for Satellite”, UGent-TELIN, UVigo, CTTC; 2019-2020


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Advanced Modulation and Coding (E012210) EN NL
Communication Theory (E012110) EN NL
Estimation and Decision Techniques (E003421) EN NL
Game Theory with Engineering Applications (E003700) EN NL
Information Theory (E003600) EN NL
Modulation and Detection (E012130) EN NL

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