Hybrid position and orientation estimation for visible light systems in the presence of prior information on the orientation

Visible light communication (VLC) is seen as a potential access option for fifth-generation (5G) wireless communication (Wang et al., 2014) and (Ayyash et al., 2016) and beyond 5G (Strinati et al., 2019). A reliable VLC system benefits from an …

On the optimisation of illumination LEDs for VLP systems

Recent studies have explored the synergy of illumination and positioning using indoor lighting infrastructure. While these studies mainly focused on the analysis of the performance of visible light positioning, these works did not consider the …

A 3D positioning algorithm for AOA-based VLP with an aperture-based receiver

Cramer-rao bound for AOA-based VLP with an aperture-based receiver

Influence of the aperture-based receiver orientation on RSS-based VLP performance