Robust spatio-temporal partial-response signaling over a frequency-selective fading MIMO channel with imperfect CSI


Partial-response signaling is known to facilitate the equalizer design because a controlled amount of residual interference is permitted. The design of the target impulse response of the partial-response precoder often assumes perfect channel state information, which is unfortunately not available at the transmitter in most practical applications. Consequently, this contribution focuses instead on the robust and joint design of a spatio-temporal target impulse response and the equalization coefficients for a frequency-selective fading multiple-input multiple-output communication channel based on current and/or previous noisy channel estimates. More precisely, the error in the channel estimates is statistically modeled, and robustness is achieved by minimizing the mean-squared estimation error averaged over the joint distribution of the actual channel and the available channel estimates. Numerical results of the bit error rate confirm that the proposed robust partial-response signaling not only provides a significant performance gain compared to traditional full-response signaling, but also outperforms the naive approach, which ignores channel estimation errors.

2019 IEEE 30th Annual International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC)